Radio Delta Novi Sad SRB 89.5 MHz

I logged this station September 1st 2017 during the last opening this season. Reception confirmed by Vladimir Bognar  Technical director.


Radio Birikina Bologna I 99.0 MHz

Reception verified via Messenger. No name despite asking......


HRT Radio Split Biokovo HRV 102.0 MHz

I heard this on June 27 at 1032 with perfect ID and RDS. Two minutes later perfect reception of Radio Osijek! QSL via Facebook. Signed by Mladen Vuković, journalist

Soundset Trsat Krk HRV 87.6 MHz

Really nice email from Vedrana Lisica, mag.cult. Editor in Chief verified my reception June 27 when I had nice conditions towards Serbia and Croatia.

Gold FM Velika-Gorica HRV 94.9 MHz

Logged with a lot of "Gold" and no identification but the RDS information. However the Crew confirmed that the songs were played at the given time.

Apollo Radio Chemnitz D 88.9 MHz

QSL via Facebook. My recording had no identification bu the "Bleiben Sie anders" identification phrase.


Viva FM Ptolemaida GRC 95.3 MHz

Greece is at the upper limit for one hop E-skip reception. Rather rare at my place. I heard Viva FM back in June, it was the only E-skip station from that area. QSL in an email from Stelios Andronikidis.